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From orange pine doors that blended with the floors, and green laminate counter tops and beige tile back splash to a modern look with paint? Yes, please!

Obviously this isn’t something I would recommend for a client, but when first moved in our home in Apex, NC, I just couldn’t WAIT to get rid of the “old” look of things. So what did I do – I went to the local hardware store, grabbed some paint, rollers, brushes, and got to work!

And so the green laminate counters got painted to mimic a more marble type of look, back splash tile was brightened up by painting it white, and cabinets got a Tuxedo color – which means bottom is a different color than the top, makes sense. I sealed the counters with epoxy and they are still here, almost 2 years later… Although the original plan was to update our countertops “in a couple of weeks”… But hey – After seeing so many other homes being transformed, I just didn’t feel like rushing into renovating my own, since to be honest: I can’t make up my mind about what I want to do with the space!

This is here to remind and inspire everyone, that just because you may not be able to do a full blown renovations right away – paint goes a long way and brightens up your home! -Karoliina

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