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Our journey to Apex, NC started in the Spring of 2019, when we finally decided to pull the trigger on finishing up fixing our house in Michigan to make the move happen. That meant more work for me, to get everything done in time before the listing of the house that summer!

Old deck was falling apart and was done from wrong materials

But when there’s will – there’s a way! So off to work I went, grabbed my tools and took the whole porch apart in a few hours while my husband went to work (knowing he would tell me not to even bother starting a project like this). I remember him coming back from work and looking at the pile of lumber all over our yard, me scratched up from all the staples I was trying to remove from the support bars, and he just walked inside like “you wouldn’t have listened to me anyhow…”

So now he had no other choice but to go pick up the lumber for me (see what I did there, smart, huh?), and then I would be able to install the new boards in place in a couple of days, stain, let it dry, and proceed to enjoy my new porch until the house would be sold. What kept me motivated was just thinking how much easier the house would sell when all this would be done. Hard work has always paid off for us!

Later that week I had the new boards in place, ready to be stained.

We added a privacy pull down curtain where I added some LED twinkle lights behind it to give the space a cozy and welcoming feel at dark.

I really miss our old front porch – but hard work paid off again and our house sold after a few weeks, and we were able to make our dreams come true and relocate to North Carolina! From farm to suburbia – thanks for following our journey! – Karoliina @Velladesignsnc

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