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Dark Cherry to Airy and Light

I picked the Ballet White color based on knowing what the customers new floor color is going to be, and what would complement the floors and their overall style and color palette in their home. They had a very lovely beige (Kilim Beige, by SW) in their walls and very warm and inviting feel to their home. Ballet white also pulled some of the warmer tones of their laminate counter tops, so until they will redo their counter tops, they can wait on replacing them at the moment.

Ballet White with new hardware and soft close hinges

The clients are still waiting to make final decisions on the back splash and if they want to do new counter tops, but for now the BM Ballet White goes with the existing countertops as well.

The new floors and white paint made the whole area look so much bigger and brighter

Now.. Unfortunately my camera was on the wrong setting for ALL the after pictures, so I don’t have many pictures I was able to salvage, which is such a shame, since the kitchen was such a great transformation. So my apologies for very bad pictures – I will make sure to double check the settings FOR SURE after this… So in this case, the pictures really don’t do justice..

Slide your mouse or finger to see before and after

Thank you, Karoliina

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