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From old oak cabinets with mismatch trim to more modern look cabinets and tuxedo (dual color) look. I did a filler on all the oak doors to get rid of the oak pattern, caulked all seams and proceed to my standard 2 coats of primer (sanding in between dry coats) plus spraying 2-3 coats of SW enamel paint. We also swapped all hinges to new soft close hinges.

Dark Oak to modern and light. The counter tops weren’t the clients favorite ones, but I helped pick the paint colors so that the paint will complement the existing counter tops and don’t have to be replaced right away. The countertops look great with the new colors, but I also wanted to make sure the new paint colors will complement a variety of different stones and styles if they ever want to update their counters.
Walls: Creamy white
Upper Cabinets: Sherwin Williams Repose Gray, Lower Cabinets: Acier Gray

The difference if you don’t use grain filler on oak cabinets can be seen below:

On the left – no grain filler and one coat of primer. On the right: Grain filler and one coat of primer. You can see the difference!

The client had already added these crown moldings on top of the cabinets – they just needed a little help to bring it all together. After everything was done, caulked, painted and sealed, the finished product looked custom built and we all loved it – the secret to good work is all in the details!

Hover your mouse of finger to slide from before to after

During the process of your cabinet painting, you are able to access your kitchen. We will remove all the doors to our spraying location, and come back to paint your bases in 2 days. But you can access your kitchen without the doors. We just need you to be careful around the curing paint.

Day 2 of painting bases – ready to start 3rd and 4th coats

I also painted their walls to complement this amazing wood worker’s existing wood pieces in the breakfast nook area – picking a soft and creamy white that complements the elements of the wood tones gave the whole area a elegant yet rustic feel. The accent walls and light fixture was where I wanted to draw everyone’s attention while still blending in with the the open floor plan of this home.

Work still in progress but I love the change!

After the normal prep work, I did 2 coats of grain filler, 2 coats of primer, caulked all seams to get a uniform look to prevent any gaps on the door seams (sanding in between all coats, of course), and finished with the normal 2-3 coats of paint. Video below.

Grain Filler on oak cabinets prior to primer and paint – Modern finish

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