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Previously very dark red cherry kitchen got a more modern and lighter look by SW Alabaster white that complemented the dark counter tops and light floors.


The wine rack was never being used, so we knocked that down from collecting dust so it would become a useful space to store spices or display items and decor.

On the first day we will remove all doors, hinges, tape, mark, etc….. It’s a beatiful chaos 🙂 Don’t worry, we cover your floors too and countertops!

The process – removing the doors. You will be able to use your kitchen during the process, – just without your doors
What a difference paint can make!

The office area was just sitting unused before because the client hated his kitchen due to the darkness of it all. Even though the kitchen was a whopping 68 doors and drawers (double the size of a typical kitchen!!), the client said he just doesn’t enjoy the space. That’s where we can help.


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