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Mogastone makes sure everything is cut precisely after we have made sure you love the design and colors you picked

Vella Designs partners with Mogastone, which is a family owned and operated business in Cary, NC. Their knowledgable team makes sure we get the best products and cutting edge tools to design the countertops and kitchen of your dreams!

Everything is computerized to guarantee precise measurements and cuts
My lead designer, Riika Sjoblom, admiring the beautiful stones at Mogastone for a client

There are different levels of granite, quartz, and quartzite to choose from. All this can be overwhelming, but me and my lead designers will be there to help you make sure you pick the right piece that brings joy to you and calls your name.

The piece that called Riika’s name….

When choosing your countertops, it is easy to get lost in the world of Pintrest where everyone has the same white Quartz countertops with light marble veining, white subway tile back splash, and all white cabinets.. But does it really spark joy to you? Or are you picking the style because you are afraid to do something a little bit more bold that you love, but are afraid other people won’t like it..? We can help you make sure you can still get that outstanding piece you LOVE without going overboard – that’s what we’re here for!

The piece that made me think of “ice eggs” that landed in Finland’s coast
One of the most popular options in kitchens – safe and timeless!
Thank you for supporting your local Woman Owned and run business! @VelladesignsNC

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