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This master bathroom got a quick face lift – with some drama added!

Before – Nothing wrong with the soft and neutral, but we just wanted to spice things up a little!

The client has tall 9 feet ceilings and we wanted to draw attention to the height of the room and make it feel bigger by adding some depth to the room. In order to make this happen, we went with a geometrical wallpaper that was very clean lined and modern, and painted the veneer cabinets in deep and elegant Hale Navy color by Benjamin Moore.

We fixed the peeling veneer panels, and proceeded to prep and prime as usual. We also changed the handles on all panels.

To draw attention to the height of the room, we added some decorative pieces to the empty wall and added some plants for color and you can also use Aloe Vera as your body lotion.

Everything was blending together before
Plants are not only decorative but also healing and practical in our daily routines. Towels: DKNY, Donna Karen New York
After – We painted the walls Alabaster White by Sherwin Williams, and window trim black

We removed the large contractor grade mirror and original light, added vinyl wallpaper (it’s a peel and stick kind without added adhesives and you can wash or wipe it clean as needed, little water splashes from the tub are also totally fine). We added two round mirrors above each sink, and accommodated a smaller more industrial yet farmhouse feel light fixture to tie in different styles.

We left the existing tile and counter tops and faucets for now
Combining modern and contemporary with rustic and industrial

Painting the window trim black was definitely the best decision we made – it wasn’t easy to pull the trigger on that one since it was such a dramatic change, but it was totally worth it! It looks absolutely AMAZING and it just creates a whole new feel to the room, and now we have opened up a new can of worms and of course this inspired us to change the tile and re-design the shower area… But all that will have to wait for a little while. So to be continued…..

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