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This project was time consuming but totally worth it – I don’t typically take on a job like this unless we are already doing a bigger project like a kitchen, but I knew this was something I really wanted to see transform. And I am so happy I took this job, because the transformation is absolutely AMAZING, and I can’t wait to show you the silky and velvety results of the paint!

Starting the prep work – Lots of taping, and making sure all floors and walls are protected
Steamer, lots and lots of patience (and towels…), good scraper, and wallpaper remover solution
Don’t forget to mask up and protect your lungs while working with chemicals and/or sanding and painting! But with style, clearly….

After all the wallpaper was scraped off, it was time to spray the area one more time with the solution to make sure we get all the adhesive washed out. Then I scrubbed the walls with a sponge really well, removing all the remaining glue and adhesive.

Getting there….

Make sure you let the walls DRY overnight after all the steaming and washing the adhesive off. You don’t want any water sealed under the primer and paint. I proceeded to patch any holes and imperfections on the walls the next day, after letting the walls dry over night, and then it was time to prime.

PRIMER!!!! Do not forget to prime after you have removed the wallpaper and adhesive and washed the walls!!

Don’t forget to caulk the seams on windows, doorways, and any trim! It’s the details that will make the difference! In this case the wall boards were not bending one bit and I was not able to nail gun them back to the wall – always try to do that if that’s an option.

The walls had moved quite a bit – nail gunning wasn’t an option so I made sure to remove old caulk line and cover it with a fresh coat of caulk


Don’t forget a good quality primer before painting! We used a Benjamin Moore primer

Look at the beautiful sheen just after the 1st coat of Benjamin Moore Aura paint!

And finally I got to my favorite part – Painting with the most gorgeous paint color!! We color matched a local woman owned paint company’s paint because we wanted to use BM Aura paint – The company I love to support is called “Clare” and you can find her paints here:

Perfect sheen and no marks or signs there ever was wallpaper!
The rug was our inspiration along the client’s curtains in the other room
We even paid attention to detail about the blue house across the street – We wanted to make sure the blue is different but will not clash but rather complements the house when you look out the window
Perfect color to make this room timeless and elegant for years to come!

Thanks for reading, for any design needs please contact Karoliina at or 919-578-1987

-Karoliina Vella

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