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The girl behind the brush:

Hi! I’m Karoliina Vella the owner and founder of Vella Designs. I am a Finnish-American entrepreneur who loves everything DIY and making things stand out.

I have been painting homes and furniture pieces for over a decade, so I know how different types of paint react to different surfaces and types of materials and wood. Prep work is so important, and that’s the part a lot of painters don’t pay that much attention to – A lot of furniture painters swapped to chalk paint about 8-10 years ago, because “it’s a miracle paint and you can skip sanding”! Well – even though there is some truth to that, nothing lasts better than a well cleaned and prepped surface with the proper tools and paint used. I still use and love chalk paint, but it is not my “to go”- paint just to skip the prep work.

Growing up in Finland means I love Scandinavian and very minimalist designs. The artist and traveler in me loves bold colors and bohemian style. I think that’s what makes my job so fun – I get to combine different styles and show people you don’t have to stick with just one style.

I love to help my clients find a place for their unique pieces that have special meaning for them – maybe that means we will paint a piece of furniture that they got from their grandma but it is currently just sitting in their attic because it won’t reflect the current style and mood of the home.

Let’s take those pieces from your travels and take them out of the corners from piling dust, and make them work in your home as a statement piece and conversation starter.

The key is to know how to combine all those styles and make them complement each other in harmony. Let me help you design your home that is as unique as you.

Let your home tell your story!