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Q: Can I choose my own supplier and contractor for my counter tops and tile?

A: Yes, of course! Velladesigns LLC is a high end, high quality design and painting company who only partners with high quality and trusted local businesses, and we have personally interviewed the previous clients of the sub contractors we use if we recommend someone to do the job. This eliminates the stress off the shoulders of the clients – so you don’t HAVE TO go out there searching for a separate contractor to do your tile, back splash, counter top, or electrical needs. But if you have someone you want to use, of course you can!

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We will make sure our team and sub contractors will always be there when needed, so you never have to worry about a thing!

Q: Do I have to replace my existing counter tops and back splash in my kitchen if I want my cabinets painted?

A: Absolutely NOT! I will make sure to talk to you in the beginning of the consultation about your long term plans, and we will make sure the paint colors we pick for your kitchen will complement your current home, and talk about what your general style is. This will help me determine what style you will most likely want to go with if you choose to upgrade your counters or tile later on – without having to repaint your cabinets again.

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Kitchen Remodel has excellent ROI

Q: I don’t really need a designer, I already have a design. Can you just do what I have designed?

A: Never hurts to ask! Shoot me an email and let’s work together!

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More ideas is always better than one

Q: I have an open floor plan. I would like the kitchen and living room walls painted as well. Can you paint my walls?

A: Usually, YES! I am the one who paints the walls myself, as well as all my cabinets. We do not outsource that since I am the one who does all the work on the painting because I am THAT picky… I will paint any walls upto 10 feet that aren’t on a staircase. Message me for more details on specific areas, and also we can talk more on job to job bases upon consultation. I can also help with making sure we get you someone licensed and insured for the areas I am not able to personally help you with.

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Q: Why do I need a designer?

A: You may not, you can just hire me as your painter! But when you hire Vella Designs to work with you, you eliminate the “Designer Fatigue.” That means dealing with the following (but not limited to) list of decisions in your head when doing a remodel or facelift:

  • flooring (type, color, style)
  • counter top material (color, shape of edging)
  • Cabinet color (one color, dual color)
  • Back splash (material, design, color)
  • Lighting and placement of the lighting
  • wall color
  • Sink material
  • type of sink
  • Cabinet hardware (material, size, color)
  • curtains (colors, size, styles)
  • Stress of dealing with the unexpected if something goes wrong
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We can prevent Design Fatigue