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There are multiple factors when it comes to the final price, but the ballpark quote is easy and goes by the number of your cabinet doors and drawer faces.

Just contact us via phone, text, FB Messenger or WhatsApp, or send us an email with the total count of your cabinet fronts and drawers, and we’ll be able to get your ball bark quote within minutes! For more specific quote just send us some pictures of your kitchen and and we can then send you a more detailed quote, once the ball bark quote is within your budget. This takes the guessing game out of the room, and eliminates any extra time wasted for both parties

Count all your doors and drawer fronts to get the total number of panels to be removed and sprayed


The ballbark quote is pretty simple and that can be done easily just by the client sending us a couple of clear pictures of the area to be painted, so we can see what type of material and designs we are working with. Once the ballbark quote is within your comfort zone, you can do add ons, such as:

  • Fill existing handle pull holes (to completely change where your new handles will go)
  • Add new holes to accommodate new handles (for example if you want handles with 2 holes instead of existing 1 hole)
  • Removing old design from cabinets (older style trim, rope design, glazing etc…)
  • Glazing added
  • Distressing added
  • Custom Design that needs more work than standard process
  • If you want your older oak cabinets to look more modern, and want us to fill the grain with grain filler

Price matching? Yes we do that – to some extent… We are a quality and high end, experienced team of painters and we aim for nothing but perfection. You will not get that with every company. If you look at the finished product of some local companies, you will see there are “Fish eye”-looking imperfections on the clients cabinets (I have been called to fix some of these companies work), finger prints, and just overall sloppy looking finished product. Will it look great in their videos and marketing? Sure! Will they get back to back clients because they can do a fast job? -Sure! But I would rather make sure I will fix every little detail BEFORE i take the final product to my client, so there aren’t any surprises because I have ran out of time. It is important to let the paint dry and cure in between coats, and I also make sure I sand between the primer layers, to make sure we have a smooth, uniform finish. So I guess the old saying is still true – you will get what you pay for.

Why it’s important to use grain filler on oak cabinets if you don’t want to see the grain? This is the difference, see below (hover your mouse or finger to drag the before and after picture). That is only one coat of primer! And we were able to accomplish a modern look by a little bit more work and expertise!

Oak door without and with grain filler, plus one coat of primer


brown wooden rolling pin beside white ceramic bowl