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Cabinet Painting services

We specialize in cabinet painting, which will make the kitchen renovation a more economical and eco friendly option for our customers. Most of the homes in the Raleigh area have good quality wood doors, and a fresh factory finish coat of paint will update your space in no time! No supply shortages, since we don’t need to wait on new doors or cabinets – We can normally get you into your new kitchen in a week!
Cabinet Painting, New countertops, Backsplash installation services – all in a week!

Backsplash installation

We offer backsplash installation and design to help you pull everything together in your kitchen from paint undertones to the texture of the tile and color of the grout!

Snowbound white cabinets with complementing textured subway tile, and new granite countertops


We can help with any of your flooring needs, such as replacing existing tile flooring with wood, LVP or laminate, or sanding your existing wood floors and refininshing them with new stain.

Custom Shelves and fireplace mantels

We can help you design a more airy space and remove some of your existing cabinets and add custom made shelves for all your needs! From pantry shelves to coffee bars, to laundry room shelves and tables.. Our talented carpenters are able to custom make what ever we design!

Full bathroom remodeling

We can help you design and remodel your existing bathroom – we’re your local small business “One stop shop” – where you don’t have to hunt down suppliers, plumbers, electricians or tilers: we bring them all to you and finish the project in timely manner (usually in a week).